McDonald’s ups the ante in QSR


Fast-food major McDonald’s has stepped up its game, launching what it calls “next-generation” restaurants in India, as the pressure to reinvent itself grows in a competitive market.


Westlife Development, which runs McDonald’s restaurants in the west and south of India, will make available everything from digital kiosks for smooth ordering to digitalmenu display boards, free wi-fi for those wanting to be connected to the Net, gaming zones, and cell phone charging points as consumers increasingly demand convenience at fast-food joints.


Westlife will also introduce table service at these “next-generation” stores, in a departure from the principle of self-service that has characterised McDonald’s restaurants across the globe.


The format, says Amit Jatia, vice-chairman, Westlife Development, was introduced in the US a few months and has subsequently been unveiled in different parts of the world. In India, the first such store was launched on Thursday in Mumbai, with plans to convert a quarter of McDonald’s 250 stores in the west and south of India to the new format. This, Jatia says, will happen over the next three to four years as the company gears up for the future.

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