Fashion lovers can buy look-alike runway lines through Facebook, Instragram


The much awaited Amazon India Fashion Week autumn/winter 2017 has begun for fashionistas. This year, Amazon has innovatively decided to move runway merchandise in real time through platforms like Instagram and Facebook. According to The Economics Times, Amazon is betting heavily on Facebook and Instagram for ramping up the focus on Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 17 (AIFWAW17).

This year, consumers will be able to buy look-alike runway AIFWAW17 merchandise through Facebook and Instagram in real time. Even though this is a first for India, globally, fashion brands have been leveraging the reach of social media.

For the first time ever, the campaign also makes it more accessible to the online fashion shopper as we curate Amazon Fashion selection real-time in line with the latest trends and highlights from the runway,” said Arun Sirdeshmukh, head, Amazon Fashion to ET.

This year Amazon India plans to target 25 million consumers through the social media platform.

Sirdeskmukh said the company will also use Facebook Live (to stream live shows) and a Facebook Live Poll with ticker where users can vote for the best looks of the day and the platform’s tagged features where users can click to shop from curated mood boards. “On Instagram, we will be leveraging Instagram Direct and Instagram Carousel to bring forth exclusive content from the event” he added.

The Amazon India Fashion Week autumn/winter 2017


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