National Award Win: ‘Best Actor’ Akshay Kumar feels ‘der aaye par durust aaye’


It is indeed a day for Akshay Kumar and his family, friends and fans to rejoice, as the actor won his first National Award in the ‘Best Actor’ category, for ‘Rustom.’

Thanking everyone for his big win, the ‘Khiladi’ actor said, ‘der aaye par durust aaye,’ which means, ‘better late than never.’

He took to Twitter to share a video message for all and wrote alongside, “#NationalFilmAwards : Best Actor for Rustom,countless emotions,very hard to express my gratitude right now but still tried,a big THANK YOU.”

The ‘Airlift’ actor said in the one-minute video, “I would like to dedicate this award to the blessings of my parents and love of my family, especially to my lovely wife who always jokes, ‘Good that you have stopped going to Award events. You don’t get anything.’ However, it’s better late than never.”

Continuing, “Thank you is a very small word to say. But I don’t know how else to express what I am feeling right now. I am truly humbled by this honour. I would like to thank the National Award jury and all my fans, from the core of my heart, for believing in my talent.”


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