Booking a train ticket? This govt app will answer all your railway queries


Come June, all your train travel-related queries will be answered through one mega application, likely to be named HindRail. This mega app will incorporate in it most of the existing features of other railwa apps.

The Indian Railways is developing this new app to work as a full-fledged inquiry system for providing information on arrivals, departures, delays, cancellations, platform number, running status and berth availability.

Besides, it will also offer services like booking of taxis, porters, retiring rooms, hotels, tour packages, e-catering and other travel-related needs.

The Railways will offer all these services on a revenue-sharing model with the service providers. The app, which will serve as a revenue-earning platform for the public transporter, is expected to have a business potential of Rs 100 crore a year.

The Railways often finds itself flooded with complaints from passengers about not getting reliable information on train running status, especially when they run late. Mohd Jamshed, Railway Board member (traffic), acknowledges that there are problems in disseminating accurate information on delays. But, he says, this new app will address all these issues. “The new app will be launched in June and it will not only give you information, you will also be able to track trains through it,” he says. Read More


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