Facebook rolls out local camera effects designed for India


In line with its mission to make the world open and connected, Facebook on Wednesday hosted an interactive showcase of its family products and apps and rolled out local camera effects designed for India.

Sharing latest numbers, Facebook also said it now has more than 184 million active monthly users in India.

In addition to the frames and effects that come standard in the Facebook camera, the company designed several custom effects for India for people to create and share photos and videos that showcase the expression of ‘Namaste’ as well as capture geo-specific experiences in Delhi, Mumbai, Goa and other places.

The event — centred on three themes “Me, My Community and My World” — showcased products including Facebook Live, Facebook Lite, Full Camera, 360 Photos, Groups, Events, Oculus, Instagram and WhatsApp.

The interactive session also included display and working of company’s suite of safety and security tools, including Safety Check, Community Help, Safety Centre, Parents Portal, Bullying Prevention Hub and Suicide Prevention tools.

“This event serves as an opportunity for our teams to listen and receive feedback from the community as we work to ensure everyone’s Facebook experiences is great, regardless of where they connect. We are building better experiences to work on all connections, devices, and communities,” the company said in a statement. Read More


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