Villain character lured Priyanka Chopra to choose ‘Baywatch’

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Starting the promotions of her maiden Hollywood film ‘Baywatch’ from India, Global icon Priyanka Chopra said after some amazing scripts, she chose ‘Baywatch’ as it is a big global movie and playing the character of a villain was something she found challenging.

While talking to the media, the actress said she always tried to make her career on the different path and playing villain was exciting.

“People didn’t know me well, the kind of stories that came to me were quite interesting because of ‘Quantico’. After Quantico, it was really nice that I got some amazing films. Out of the films that were offered, I liked Baywatch the most because one – it was huge big global movie and I was a Baywatch fan, when I was growing up and second – I was playing the villain in the film,” said the 34-year-old.

“So I liked the idea that in my first film, I’m doing something different. I have always tried to make my career little bit on the left on a different path, that’s what excited me. And after Alex Parrish, I wanted America to have something completely different. Alex was such a positive character, so completely bad was really fun,” she added. Read more


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