PepsiCo India aims to reduce sugar in fizzy drinks


PepsiCo India is planning to reduce the sugar content in all its carbonated drinks in line with its parent’s churning of its beverages portfolio worldwide.

The company is gearing up to launch a new 7UP with 30 per cent less sugar and plans to extend the formulation to its other brands, according to Vipul Prakash, senior vice-president, beverages, PepsiCo India.

Our priority now is to transform the portfolio towards a healthier range and it will remain so for the next three years. If we continue at the current pace, we might achieve our target two or three years ahead of the deadline,” he said.

PepsiCo India has a three-pronged strategy of introducing zero calorie drinks, entering categories that are inherently low in sugar, and reducing sugar in its core products. It launched 7UP Revive, a hydration drink, last year and plans to address the low-sugar category with brands like Gatorade and Lipton tea. After 7UP, PepsiCo plans to reduce sugar in its other fizzy drinks.

Without that, we will not be able to meet the target,” Prakash said.

The New York-headquartered snacks and beverages maker has set a target of less than 100 calories from added sugar per 12 oz serving for at least two-thirds of its drinks. Read More


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