Prabhas refused Rs 18 crore worth of brand endorsements for Baahubali


Prabhas, who exhibited his acting prowess onscreen with the Baahubali franchise, has become a phenomenon that several brands want to be associated with.

It is known that the 37-year-old actor dedicated 5 years of his career solely to Baahubali, but what remains unknown is that he let go of brand endorsements worth Rs 18 crore that came his way during the filming of the magnum opus.

Prabhas, who has been an accomplished name down South, was approached by the brands ranging from apparel, shoes to fitness and FMCG products, but the actor held his ground.

Recently, director SS Rajamouli expressed his sheer awe at Prabhas’ commitment to the larger than life war drama.

The film-maker shared that even during the times of financial lows, Prabhas chose to stay true to his commitment to Baahubali. Read More


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