Highway horror: Man killed, four women gang-raped on Yamuna Expressway


A scrap dealer was killed and his mother, wife, sister and sister-in-law raped by a group of armed men who waylaid their car and also looted the family, near Jewar on the Yamuna Expressway in Uttar Pradesh early on Thursday, police said.

The incident occurred some 60 km from here on Jewar at around 1.30 a.m. Eight members, including four women, of a Greater Noida-based family were headed to Bulandshahr to visit an ailing relative in a hospital there.

According to the victims, six armed men forced the car, an Eeco van, to stop by shooting at its tyres near Sabota village in Jewar.

The armed men took turns to rape the women at the gun point in a nearby field.

When scrap dealer Shakeel Qureshi, 40, put up a resistance, the men shot him dead. The victims were also looted of their valuables, mobile phones and Rs 47,000 cash, police said.

The Uttar Pradesh government has handed over the probe in the matter to the Special Task Force (STF) of UP Police.

“They raped the women and tied up the three other persons, including the driver, in the Eeco van. They escaped into a forested area after they saw a police vehicle moving on the road,” Shafiq, one of the victims, said.

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