Baahubali The Game: Clash of Clan in disguise, with a desi touch

Baahubali The Game.png

Ardent Baahubali fans might already have got the answer to arguably the most ubiquitous question of the past year – “Kattappa ne Baahubali ko kyon maara?’ – but that hardly seems to have tempered the excitement around the mythical story of Mahishmati. After the movie made its millions, now ‘Baahubali The Game’ is raking in the moolah.

Developed by Bengaluru-based Moonfrog Labs and Baahubali’s producers Arka Media Works and Graphic India, the game has so far been downloaded more than 5 million times from the Google PlayStore and has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. Since its launch on April 28, it has been the most downloaded gaming app in India, according to the company.

Business Standard reviewed ‘Baahubali The Game’ to see how it compares others with similar play, such as ‘Clash of Clans’. Here’s what we found:

Getting started

Baahubali The Game’ is available on Google PlayStore. With a size of 22.52 MB, it is light and quick to load. Once downloaded, it asks for default language choice from among English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

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