Dravidian assault: Bahubali may save Bollywood from its mindless exertions (Comment: Special to IANS)


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There is a scene in Richard Attenboroughs film “Gandhi” where Shriram Lagoo playing Gopal Krishna Gokhale prevails upon the South Africa-returned barrister Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi (played by Ben Kingsley) to travel all over India.

As an astute observer, Gokhale’s character knows that Gandhi has both the product as well as the potential to recreate the South Africa magic in India. He just needs to understand the pulse of the people.

Gandhi takes the plunge, and eventually, the Kathiawadi barrister becomes the Father of the nation.

Something similar happened in the Indian movie industry recently. One of the sharpest minds of the movie business, Karan Johar not only did a Gokhale on S.S. Rajamouli but also became his partner to land “Bahubali 2: The Conclusion” into theatres as a Hindi release. Suddenly, Rajamouli has become the savior that the Indian film industry needs and deserves.

The Hindi version alone has already raked in Rs 500 crore plus based on conservative estimates. The whirring rhythms of the “Bahubali” juggernaut has cast an envelope of dust over Bollywood which is getting trolled, again.

Was this expected? No one knows. Seeing parallels between films and politics, a film producer friend compared Amarendra Bahubali’s thunder at box office to Narendra Bahubali’s might in the recently concluded Uttar Pradesh elections.

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