GoPro Hero 5 Black: Jazz up your moments on camera with ‘QuikStories’ app


If you are an adventure enthusiast or an avid biker, want to shoot your experience and post videos on social media platforms seamlessly, here comes “GoPro Hero 5 Black” that has 4K video and voice control capabilities.

As Indian travellers look for handy cameras with high-end feature s, US-based GoPro has developed a video-editing mobile app called “QuikStories” that makes it easy for users to share special moments on platforms like Instagram and Facebook in a jiffy.

Let’s see what works for the Rs 31,000 device.

The GoPro Hero 5 Black (2.4 x 1.7 x 1 inch and weighing 118 grams) is a rectangular camera similar to its predecessors but has a curved-edged design with the semi-rubberised body which makes it easy to hold.

To test the claim that the device is waterproof (up to 10 metres), we took it to a neighbourhood swimming pool with 12-feet depth and found that water had no impact on either the video or sound quality.

It shot 4K videos at 30 fps and clicked sharp photos with the “Electronic Image Stabilisation” (EIS) feature.

Hero 5 Black allows the touchscreen to be used for commands. The physical shutter and mode buttons are still there but other tasks can be done with the 2-inch touchscreen like smartphones.

Swipe to the right to see the gallery and left to toggle additional settings such as video stabilisation. You can use a smartphone to see in real-time what the camera is capturing.


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